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6+ Times People Accidentally Found Their Doppelgängers In Museums And Couldn’t Believe Their Eyes.

Often times when we go to the museum we see a painting or something which we think looks just like us. One thing is for sure it gives one the creeps to come face to face with artwork that looks just like you knowing that the artist could not have ever known that their work would ever look strikingly like a real person.

Sometimes we find resemblances to characters in shows and movies other times in art works such as paintings and statues however to have a resemblance is one thing but to look so strikingly similar is just creepy on a whole different level.

Go to a Museum and the painting hanging on the wall looks just like you creepy as it can get people.


Imagine always wanting to have your portrait done and then behold there it is creepily hanging on the wall.



Or how about this guy who just happened to stumble on his doppelgänger who even had a matching beard to add to the entire experience.


This old man found his doppelganger in full battle attire. He got a chance to look at himself as a warrior from a bygone era.



Or the White guy who found his double from another era in Japan and decked out as a Samurai from more than 111 years before him.



Or this guy who looks so much like the guy in the painting one could be forgiven to think he had a portrait commissioned.


Seems like fashion really does move in circles not only do they look alike but even they have their hair done in a similar fashion.  The painting can be viewed at the Louvre.


Here goes another one.



We have never run into such a sight ourselves but it would be pretty amazing to see that an artist who never knew about your existence painted something that looks so strikingly like you and the feeling gives all goosebumps.

Another thing to note is fashion. We might think that some new style is new and trendy but more often than not we have been there before and it has come back into fashion, As the men and women in the paintings do not just look similar but even have matching beards and hair styles to match.

Which one do you guys think is the creepiest? We found all of them to be pretty scary as it is and would quite frankly be pretty scared if we had to stare at our faces hanging on the wall like that from centuries ago and even sporting our hair style and beards.

Perhaps we are not as unique looking as we think of ourselves to be. It is an interesting idea to think about as we know fashion gets recycled over decades who knows maybe even human faces might also come again after centuries and just some of those people happened to be rich enough to afford portraits of themselves as only the rich could have paid for it back in the old days.

It is an interesting thought maybe there are many more faces lost to history who might look just like you and me but they could not leave their paintings or images behind or perhaps those images might have been destroyed thanks to turmoil of human history and somewhere out there in some era there might have been a person who looked just like you and me walking the Earth like we do today.

What do you think?

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