Couple Comics That Are Too Relatable If You Have A Clingy And Cute Girlfriend

Couples are increasingly showing their feelings for each other on Instagram

His depictions are not only heartwarming but will also encourage you to also find your heavenly match.


One South Korean artist has made a comic series showing the absolute bliss and euphoria of a loving relationship. Companionship is essential for all of us and maybe this might encourage some singles out there to make more of an effort to get out there and dive into the dating pool with renewed vigor and zeal.


The comics depict the lives of the South Korean artist and his wife. The artist met his wife more than three years ago and about a year ago the couple decided to take the plunge and tie the knot.



Just some random chatting. As all couples know the key to healthy relationship is communication.





While the guy is doing something on his phone the ever attentive and alert wife wants to know what he is doing at all times including what he is doing on his phone. No couples should have secrets and the key to an honest relationship is transparency.



Nothing beats the warmth of a good old fashioned bear hug and this just has us swooning all over it.



Not only is the art cute but it also has real life lessons and breaks gender stereotypes about a man in the kitchen. He takes toxic masculinity head on and shows that washing the dishes does not make you any less of a man.


Two lovebirds just looking at each other.





No matter how close you are to your partner, we all need a little me time sometimes and it does not have to result in fights. The artist shows the couple having “me time” but still being close to each other. This is a must for any healthy relationship.


This photo is just way too adorable. It shows the couple on their wedding day. We are getting goosebumps just looking at it.


Here they can be seen helping each other get ready in order to keep warm.



The loving couple and third wheel in their relationship, their adorable dog.



It is freezing but their love is as warm as ever.


The adorable couple can be seen here enjoying the snow together.



Couple riding the subway together, after a long day at work.


Both husband and wife are enjoying themselves, out cycling in the sun enjoying the good weather and above all each other’s company. For any healthy relationship it is essential to have common hobbies and activities that they enjoy doing together as it helps their bond grow stronger and puts the relationship on a solid footing.

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