Demi Lovato Removes All Her Makeup In a Video, And The Result Speaks For Itself

Just in case if someone has been living under a rock and does not know who Demi Lovato is well she is an actress, singer and also a songwriter. She is also an activist and has for a long time been trying to encourage people to feel good about their bodies and to be proud of them and to flaunt them and not be intimidated by prevailing beauty standards.


The artist has for a long time also been very open with her own experiences in struggling to deal with mental health issues and also eating disorders.



Continuing on her long and often difficult journey of self-acceptance she has put out a message to her fans. The artist has made a video for fashion magazine Vogue. The video is a part of a series which has been titled American Women: Transformers.

Rather than putting make up on in the video she can be seen with full makeup in the start and then the makeup is taken off to reveal her in all her natural beauty without any cosmetics and she looks even more stunning after those layers of makeup go off.

The video is doing the rounds on social media and people simply cannot get enough of it and we are thrilled that she has decided to continue her activism to help people suffering from body image issues to tell them that they should not feel any shame if they do not conform to beauty standards.

While the artist loves to doll up she says that she is against imposed beauty standards which tell women that they are not pretty if they do not doll up and have several layers of makeup on all the time. She said that she was in love with what she did and everything that it entailed including but not limited to putting on loads of makeup ahd having her hair done. She revealed that she had hair extensions. She is not against makeup at all however she said that we need to celebrate natural beauty more.

Of course haters are going to hate you no matter what and even with such a good initiative she naturally had people who were not too fazed but nonetheless we think that Demi Lovato deserves to be celebrated for what she is trying to promote and more women should feel comfortable in their skin and nobody should have to feel under pressure to put on makeup it should be a personal choice and we should all celebrate women and their choices.

Others on social media were more supportive. Many people who have followed Demi Lovato on social media over the years know that this is not a one off. She is a brave girl and has been very public about her struggles in life and does not feel ashamed to share her experiences and owns them.

We all should do that more in our daily lives. Body image issues are a real struggle for women around the world as they see unachievable beauty standards on TV, in magazines and other media such as the internet and social media. They then strive to achieve what they cannot do and that is the perfect body,

Beauty standards are in constant evolution and what is considered the height of beauty today might not be the case tomorrow and there is no set standard of beauty and the perfect body and we should all be trying to celebrate women and their bodies regardless of their shape, size or colour.

This is a bold step and must be celebrated and we also need to encourage more women to feel at ease with the way they look and not be depressed just because they are not able to achieve some unrealistic level of beauty and perfection.


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