Every Disney Prince, Ranked By What A Useless Fuccboi They Are

The princes of Disney are touted as being heroes, fearless men who risk their lives and rush in to fight for the honor of beautiful princesses all the while being selfless gentlemen who act purely out of altruistic motives. Sadly however these princes we make them out to be and instead they are mostly nothing more than complete fuccbois. Not everyone might be familiar with the term fuccboi, however to say the least they are probably the worst type of people you will ever meet.

Fuccbois are simply put players. They are ashamed of taking your relationship public and their top most demand while they are dating you is that it must be secret and that word must not get out that the two of you are dating. They also give off signs of not being in it with you one hundred percent and instead they will display signs of being polyamorous and dating many people at the same time. When they are with you they will make sure that you do not see their phones screen and other signs that they are hiding stuff from you.

They are everything a Disney prince should not be including materialistic, shallow, selfish, shady and also sexist. Deep down they consider you to be trash.

Right from Snow White and her Prince, who would only show up a total of two times, to John Smith the racist colonizer who would only date a Native American woman as long as it remained a secret that they were both supposed to take with them to the grave. Disney princes are cowards in every way and would be the most horrible boyfriends imaginable.

At the very least they do not deserve to be portrayed as ideals of romance to influence the minds of young boys and girls.

Prince Hans from Frozen


He is absolutely horrible. He is cunning, sly and has no regards for human life. He does not care how many lives must be lost as long as it suits his interests. He is the worst for while the others might be players, Prince Hans has blood on his hands.

Prince Florian


The Prince from Snow White is pure evil. While the seven dwarfs looked after Snow White. This sexist, lazy and misogynistic prince just sweeps in chases the villain away and kisses Snow White while she is not even able to give consent.

His entitled attitude is something all women have gone through and it is just horrible. He shoud be shouted down for the fuccboi he is.

Prince Charming


He is anything but charming. Yes, men are known to be more superficial than women when it comes to looks but this is just taking things to a whole new level. While he liked Cinderella when she was all dressed up, he did not bother about her when she came dressed as a normal poor girl.

It teaches girls that their beauty is nothing unless they dress up do make up otherwise they can never the attention of a worthy man. This is just so bad.

John Smith



He is probably the most blatantly racist of all of the Disney characters and to top it off he is not even a prince he just a White colonizer, who loves to date outside of his race as long as he can keep it under wraps.

He also openly refers to Native American people as savages.


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