Historical Figures That Hollywood Got Wrong

We all love watching historical dramas. They might do very well at the Oscars year after year, however Hollywood is known for its inaccuracies. Just because it is popular does not mean it is accurate. If you think watching these shows and movies means that you know real history then you are in for a shocker indeed.

It is not a one off thing with one movie or show getting some minor details wrong. Quite to the contrary inaccurate portrayals are all the rage in Hollywood. From hookups between people who never met to pushing the odds and squeezing in love stories where there were none, deviation from history is not an exception but the norm.

Here is a list of just some historical figures to which Hollywood did not do justice.

Marie Antoinette


The last Queen of France before the French revolution was portrayed in a movie with the same name back in the year 2006. The film was not all bad and indeed it was quite historically accurate.

However, the film shows the Queen to be a simpleton someone who has no sense of duty and spends her days shopping and spending money oblivious to the misery of her subjects. Something that could not have been further from the truth.

The film just went with the popular myths surrounding her and did not do just to the historical Queen.

The world at Versailles was not one of isolation in which the Royals lived isolated from the real world. The Queen might have been a big spender but was not nearly as ignorant or reckless as the movie shows her to be.




Yes, Commodus was not the greatest emperor Rome ever had. His father was the last of the Five Good Emperors and Commodus was not a worthy heir to his father nor did he deserve to wear the purple of Roman emperors.

One thing which the blockbuster movie Gladiator got wrong about him though was his father. Commodus did not kill his father as the movie shows and in fact had reigned as co emperor with him before he died.


Isabella of France



The movie Braveheart which starred Mel Gibson is so wrong about her. In fact the only things it got right were her name, that she was French and married an English King.


Her romance with William Wallace is just out of the question as the historical timeline does not match. In fact she was a child when the events depicted in the movie took place.



She was too young to have ever dated John Smith. In fact she was about ten years or so when she met John Smith. The romance between the two is a total concoction with no basis in reality whatsoever.

In real life she was married to the grumpy and far less romantic john Rolfe and died young in England in the year 1617. At the time of her death she would have been somewhere in her twenties and died very young even for that time.

Leonaidas I


The battle shown in the movie 300 shows brave Spartans taking on the might of barbaric Persia all alone. In reality the Persian Empire was first truly multinational empire in history. It was tolerant of diverse faiths and was anything but barbaric it was the first true super power.

Sparta on the other hand did not fight alone. It was more of a Greeks vs Persian contest rather than Sparta vs Persia.

In addition, the coming of age ritual in which you had to kill a wolf is also wrong. In reality you had to murder a slave in cold blood and do so in such a manner so as not to get caught.


Who is the barbarian now?

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