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How to Avoid Drama with the Other Women in Your Man’s Life

Every woman has at some point felt jealous and threatened by the women in the life of her man. This is not just related to cheating, women can and do often feel jealous of exes who have long gone or even their boyfriends, mother or sister or neighbor or someone with whom the person has no romantic relationship whatsoever yet women will still feel jealous.

This feeling may be fleeting or it may stick, here are some ways not to get too tangled up in all of this.

His Mother


It seems men never truly grow up from being their mother’s sons. Mothers on their part at times do not find it easy to let their sons go off with their romantic partners. Mother in laws are well known for not having conflicts with their sons love interest however no girl should take this personally.

If the problem is consistent and refuses to go away than talk about it and explore the causes, seeking counselling also never hurts and might be a good idea.

His Daughter


Men with children from a previous relationship are a mixed blessing to date. They are usually more considerate, kind and understanding because they are fathers of daughters themselves.

Do not expect his daughter to welcome you with open arms and call you mommy just yet though. Often daughters are deeply attached to their fathers and vice versa and just as a father does not like the boys in her life she is also not very fond of his romantic interests and will try to push you away from her father.

So always know that he might love you but more often than not if you cannot win his daughter than your relationship is going to be in deep trouble. The best chance you have is to try to make friends with her as much as possible.

His Ex


Women will be jealous of your ex even if you are not dating and just in touch. This becomes even more of a problem if your partner and the ex-have kids. Then there is no way you can totally shut her out.

You should have an honest conversation with your partner about this and not let it boil over.

His Work Wife


Most men are really close to someone at work their best buddy in the office. More often than not that happens to be a woman and your partner and the woman will be in touch after work and hang out.

This can be very comfortable at times. You should talk about this and make sure that both of you know what the boundaries are and which red lines are not to be crossed.

His Home girl


This girl might have gone to school with him or maybe their parents had been friends or maybe they worked their first job together and became great friends.

There is no need to feel threatened by this type of girl she has known your man for years maybe even longer than the two of you have been together but as with everything else learn to communicate if certain things or behaviors make you uncomfortable.

His Sister


His sister might not be very nice but there is simply no getting around it. You have to be an adult about this we have to deal with people we do not like at times.

His sister like his mother and daughter simply cannot be pushed out and if you want your relationship to be healthy than do not

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