How to become a less judgmental person and a better human being.

The last year has rocked the very soul of the United States. The year that Donald Trump took over the White House has been a year of tragedy, divisions and tensions rocking the very foundation of what it means to be an American in the United States of America.


Naturally in the face of ever greater division, strife, racism and tragedy people are bound to become increasingly cynical and judgmental. A new book that has come out though suggests that we can become less judgmental.


Face up to the reality that you are a judgmental person.



Yes, you got that right there is no such thing as absolutely neutral. Each and every one of us is judgmental. First and foremost in order to be less judgmental we need to look at what we are saying and not judge it.


The first step to the judgment detox is to simply witness your judgment without judgment. When you start to track your judgments, ask yourself these questions:

What or whom am I judging? Then you have to think about how that judgement is making you feel. When you have done that than think about the reasons why do you think it is okay to think or feel that way lastly look at your life experiences are your judgements clouded by past experiences? Are you judgmental just because something went badly for you in a way not of your liking?


Recognize that we are only human




When you are a judgmental person than that will simply push people away from you. When you let your feelings of outrage or disgust get the better of you than you start behaving in a negative manner. You do not make an effort to fix things rather you add to the problem by just complaining about it and not carrying your weight.

This is something which is very unpopular in the age of Donald Trump, who has managed to make it okay to push fringe voices and agendas into the mainstream where white supremacists for instance are considered a serious school of thought.

Amidst so much negativity, judgement and hate rational thinking becomes very difficult. However we must resist the urge to simply condemn and shrug it off as something we cannot do anything about. We must channel our energy in a positive way.

Be kind to women.


Women need to stand up for women issues by voting for pro women legislation and policies and they need to be more compassionate towards each other and give support rather than destroy the women rights agenda.


Face the truth about your Family.


What we are as people is mostly due to our family, our parents and the experiences we have had all of our lives.  While the family is supposed to be a loving abode for many us that is not the case and we grow up scarred from years of emotional and sometimes even physical abuse.

Not everyone recognizes abuse for what it is and we often think we are not victims. However one of the reasons behind our being so judgmental is because of what we faced. We should all be honest about what we have lived through.

In this day and age we are becoming more and more cynical. It is about time that we realize that we must usher in change ourselves and that nobody can bring for us. The first step to doing that is to acknowledge the fact that we are judgmental and biased just like everyone else and that we should judge less and act more and work for a better future for all of us.


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