People Are Loving Gap’s Fight against the Stigma of Breastfeeding

It is very important that women breastfeed their babies and wean them on mother’s milk. There is nothing that compares to real human breast milk. No baby formula can ever give a baby the nutrition that he or she needs. Furthermore, it increases their immunity and allows the baby to not just deal with viruses and also to deal bacteria but it also has the vitamins, fat and proteins that a baby needs to grow up strong and healthy.

Awareness about the sheer importance of breastfeeding has been on the rise and people recognize its importance now in a way in which they did not in previous years. The idea of nourishing your baby in public is still taboo for many people and it does not get the sort of acceptance that it should.

In this day and age such a natural and beneficial thing being socially unacceptable in public is a moral outrage. For many women breastfeeding has become their way to fight against the tide.

Gap has released a new ad for its line Love by Gap. The initiative has gotten widespread praise for making breastfeeding more normal and acceptable. In the ad Adaora Akubilo can be seen giving suck to her young son Arinze who is a young baby of just twenty months.

The image was not planned at all and in fact was taken when she took a break so that she could breastfeed her baby. While she was doing that that photographer asked the model if she did not mind he wanted to take some pictures. The model agreed to let him take pictures and they ended up using those very pictures in the final ad.


Akubilo has said that she does not feel any shyness or anything like that when it comes to her breastfeeding her son. She says that she is completely comfortable doing it anywhere at any time as it is natural and very healthy for the baby.

She told media outlets that whenever her son needs to be fed than she does it without any hesitation at all. She went on to further say that she wanted breastfeeding to become more mainstream and socially acceptable because it was so essential for young children.

She went on to say that she felt it was very important to encourage to breastfeed their babies without any sense of shame or embarrassment.

This is a great step and others should follow suit and promote such practices to as it is great for the health of the baby.

Another benefit of breastfeeding the child is that it is a natural way to prevent conception and thus one does not need to use contraceptives and this helps in the spacing required between babies.

Social media users also reacted positively and supported her bold stand to promote normalization of breastfeeding in public as there is nothing to be ashamed of it is the most natural and healthy of practices.

Across the world it is becoming more and more common to break taboos regarding what women can and cannot do in public or even in many cases in private. It is a bold step and should be encouraged more and more women should do it.

 We are all very happy and hopeful that like other taboos around the behavior of women this one will also be broken and women will become more empowered as a result. In the backdrop of International Women’s Day earlier this month this is even more significant and can be considered a protest against the restraints put on the actions and freedoms of women.

We are also hopeful that this will encourage more women to take to breastfeeding their children without any fear of social stigma or judgement.

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