People Explain What Made Them Cut off All Contact with Their Parents

Our parents are the ones who are supposed to love us the most. They are our pillars of strength and they are our protectors and are supposed to love us unconditionally and to nurture us like nobody else.

Come what may we expect that our parents will always remain on our side no matter what. However, not everyone is so fortunate as to enjoy such undying love.



We often take our parents for granted thinking they will always be there for us no matter what, however everyone is not so fortunate and these stories of parental abuse will bring tears rolling down your eyes.

From illpetyourcat:

It was not bad since birth. My dad was a great and loving father and loved me till i was about eight years old. In the fourth grade the nightmare began. I got a D in school and my dad went ballistic and started to spank me and stopped me from watching TV and I was not to go anywhere nor could I call my friends until my grades improved.

Anything below a C was not acceptable and eventually on top of the spankings came the chokings. I eventually was able to start defending myself as a turned fifteen.

When I turned sixteen I had my chance to become independent of him and I got a car and a job. When I was 17 the economy went south. My job as a waitress did not pay so well and I was broke and he blew his fuse. I decided to run away from him as far as I could and decided that to join the military. Six years on I am still a mess. My marriage has ended. The man I thought I loved is now a raging alcoholic and suffers from severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I had no idea what to do so I went back to live with my dad. My dad ended up taking his gun and putting it to my head and threatened to kill me right there and then thankfully he did not.

I have not been touch since that incident.

This brave soul was tortured by three separate pairs of parents.


From number-47:

Her biological father was an addict who not only abused her but also her siblings and her mother. Her father was so manipulative that he able to play the victim card and make them believe that he was innocent and that they were the real abusers. Eventually he began to sexually abuse her as he was not satisfied with her mother.  ”

Her Biological mother and the rest of the family eventually did what they had to do and escaped their abusive father. She thought that once they were away from her father, then life would be good again and the abuse would end.

Her mother was not very stable herself and emotionally abused her. Her mother even encouraged her brother to turn against her and curse her. All the while the mother would side with her son to abuse the daughter. Even when she was being choked by her brother her mother did not help her.

Once she moved into foster care and that was not much better. The first foster family threw her out when she turned eighteen years old. She went into the care of another foster mother who was not much better and claimed she was an attention seeker who made up lies to gain sympathy. . Then, my second foster mom convinced them that I was a selfish person who faked abuse.

They had promised to be her foster parents. Her new foster mother although she was not legally so, decided to molest her. She molested her foster son too. Eventually they threw her out for turning the family against the lady of the house.

So if you have any small or large problems with your parents sort them out. You are blessed to have loving parents not all of us do. Please do not ungrateful you do not know how blessed you truly are.

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