Reasons Why Nobody Should Want To Be a Disney Princess

Many young girls grow up dreaming to live like a Disney Princess. Most young girls probably imagine the happily ever after bit of being married to their prince charming and then living a life full of riches and unmatched love.

Disney has also been accused of promoting abusive relationships as normal and encouraging girls to be less assertive than they should be as Disney princesses they should wait for their prince charming to come and magically transform their lives into Utopia.

This is of course something which is very wrong when applied in the real world. But there are other more obvious reasons why you do not want to be a Disney Princess.

There is a dark side to being a Disney Princess however and here are some of the reasons why you would not want to be in their shoes.

You will either date or be forced to marry a person whose guts you hate


Be it Beauty and the Beast, where she gets locked up. Aladin where Jasmine is given away to an ageing Jafar not just against her will but to a man clearly several decades oldeer than her or be it Snow White where the Prince kisses her while she is asleep totally destroying the concept of consent.

No ladies you do not want that for yourselves now do you?

There is a good chance you will be an orphan


Be it Princess Jasmine or Cinderella or Snow White almost all of them have lost one parent or both of their parents.  Regardless of your parental situation and if you are lucky enough to have your parents by your side your life will be very rough nonetheless.

Take Mulan for instance who had to take up arms just to save the life of her father. Nobody wants that kind of life for themselves.

Somebody is always after you


Snow White had to deal with the old and evil queen who constantly tailed her around, doing her best to poison her. In Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent went on to curse newborn Aurora for no fault of her own and she said that the child would “prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die.” Pocahontas was enslaved by pilgrims all of whom were after her entire village.

Cinderella also was a slave of her very mean nasty stepsisters, and before Belle finally found love the love her life first locked her up in a scary castle.

In short, being a Disney princess sucks very much indeed there is not much to be desired. Nobody wants to live their lives in fear of murder.

Be it Cinderella whose own family treated her so badly or Rapunzel who eventually found out she was a prisoner of the woman she lived with and that she was not her real mother and had kept her hostage for all those years.

If you are Disney Princess you literally cannot even trust your own shadow as even that might stab you in the back.

You will always remain a social outcast


No Disney Princess really fits in well. Be it Cinderella who gets bullied by her step sisters or Mulan who joins the army under the guise of being a man if you are a Disney princess you will most likely be on your own in most situations.

In this day and age when we all just want to fit in this is a particularly nasty problem.

So there you have it ladies. Yes you might have thought as little girls that what a romantic and whirlwind life it would be if you had been born a Disney Princess rather than as the child of Mr. Joe who works at the Gas Station and Mrs. Joe who does odd jobs.

Consider yourselves lucky living the ordinary lives that you are living for that is truly a blessing you just do not appreciate how great it is to be normal and average.

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