Researchers Claim Their Evidence Exposes Winston Churchill’s Secret Affair

At the height of the Second World War in the year 1942, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill went to the United States in order to meet the American President at the time, Franklin. D. Roosevelt. The aim of the visit was simple to make sure that both the Allies were on the same page with regards to fight against Nazi Germany which had taken over much of Europe at the time.


The War was not the only thing on his mind however and he got word that there was a woman one name Doris Castlerosse. The damsel in distress wanted to get back home to Britain and being a gentleman Churchill obliged and secretly got her on a flight home.

At the height of the war such flights had become a rarity and this was a great favor for the young woman. Winston Churchill was aware of the nature of the American press as well. In the age of Pulitzer and Hearst such sensational news would have sent their ratings sky high, but damaged the war effort by hurting morale.

This was kept secret at the time and happened quietly. Castlerosse, it has now been alleged had an affair with the leader of wartime Britain.  If the news had been leaked at the time it would have greatly diminished the prestige of Churchill who was believed at the time to be a man of great moral courage. The British government took great pains to make sure that the image was maintained in order to boost morale on the home front.

Doria Castlerosse was a great beauty of her time and it is no surprise that she caught the fancy of the Prime Minister. The beautiful young woman was a leading socialite of her time and was known to be quite a head turner. It has now been alleged that Churchill and Doria were lovers at some point in the 1930s. This is the subject of a new documentary by the U.K’s Channel 4 and has been given the title of, Churchill’s Secret Affair.

Castlerosse modelled in many paintings by Winston Churchill. After her return to Britain she died shortly afterwards due to an overdose of some sort of substance, the Prime Minister swiftly took possession of one of the portraits she had with her.

The exact nature of the relationship is not known and perhaps never will be. It does not mean that an affair must have taken place but there is considerable reason to believe that there was something between the two.

The racey allegation of an affair has been made by a University of Exeter Professor, Richard Toye. The Professor says he has uncovered an interview by a private secretary of Churchill in which he admitted to the Prime Minister having a secret affair.

“Now this is a somewhat scandalous story and therefore not to be handed out for a great many years,” Colville said. “Winston Churchill was … not a highly sexed man at all, and I don’t think that in his 60 or 55 years’ married life he ever slipped up, except on this one occasion when Lady Churchill was not with him and by moonlight in the South of France …. he certainly had an affair, a brief affair with … Lady Castlerosse as I think she was called. … Doris Castlerosse, yes that’s right.”

Professor Toye has said that the affair would most likely had happened during the 1930s when Churchill was out of the British political scene as he was opposed to the policy of appeasement and had believed all along that Hitler could not be satisfied with mere morsels.

During this time he spent a lot of time in the company of Castlerosee in fact at least four vacations together.

Cara the supermodel admits in the documentary that whenever Churchill would come by Castlerosse would give the help a holiday, ostensibly so the two could enjoy some private moments.

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