Six Historical figures who were obsessed with prostitutes.

Prostitution is rightly called the oldest profession in the World. While going to them is considered bad enough some historical figures went bonkers over them.

Marquis de Sade



Marquis de Sade (1740-1814) was a leading French intellectual, author, philosopher and aristocrat.  The term Sadism has been named after him. He was known for his violent and often blasphemous behavior with prostitutes.

To make matters worse not only was he sexually violent and loved to inflict pain as it gave him pleasure, he was also an atheist and that also landed him in all kinds of trouble.

He spend a good portion of his life behind bars largely due to his religiously and sexually deviant behavior. He chose to act out on his fantasies with the most vulnerable women in society, prostitutes because they social outcasts anyways and nobody would come to their rescue or hold him to account for his actions while in their company.

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec



Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901) was a French aristocrat and painter. He loved prostitutes and made paintings of them.

He grew attached to prostitutes and compared their state being outcasts as something akin to his own due to his medical condition which resulted in him having very small legs. He eventually began to spend more and more time in their company both for traditional pleasures of the flesh and also as a companion and friend to them,

He became more than just another customer and his habit would lead to his untimely death. He died at the young age of just thirty six years old due to Sexually transmitted diseases and long years of alcohol abuse.





Grigori Rasputin (1869-1916) was a Russian monk and mystic who the last Empress of Russia claimed had miraculous powers which allowed to her Hemophiliac son to live. The Russian was known for being a bit too close to the Empress.


He was also known for drinking heavily and engaging prostitutes, Often several times a day he would hire them. It is not clear however if they engaged in anything physical often he was known to ask them to take off their clothes and when they did that he would just look stare at them and leave.

James Boswell


James Boswell was simply obsessed with prostitutes. Throughout his life he contracted Sexually Transmitted Diseases but was not able to stop himself.

He had relations with up to five dozen prostitutes during his roaring 20s. The first time he had sex he caught a disease.

He once even had sex in public by the River Thames because he loved the thrill.

Vaslav Nijinsky


Vaslav Nijinsky (1889-1950) was an acclaimed Russian Choreographer and Ballet dancer. He recorded his experiences with them and visited several of them in a single day and as time went on he became fonder of them.

He suffered greatly from a sense of moral guilt due to his behavior. However he said that he wanted to observe them first hand. He was an acclaimed ballet dancer and was known for being very versatile.

Gary Ridgway



Gary Ridgway is perhaps the biggest serial killer in the modern history of the United States of America. He has confessed to having murdered up to seventy one people in cold blood.

He was fond of hookers and as was a frequent customer. Eventually he needed more greusome sex. He ended up not wanting to have sex with the living at all. Instead he would murder the hookers in cold blood and then he would have sex with their corpse.

His obsession grew so manic that he eventually began to dig up graves just so he could have sex with the dead bodies.

His case raised awareness about the risks that hookers face each and every day in their attempt to feed themselves and often their children.

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