Some Horrible Disneyland Workplace Abuses Disney Tries To Cover Up

Disneyland is the best place to work for on the entire planet, and for most of us the chance to, work at Disneyland would be the best thing that ever happened to us. Sadly Disneyland is not a fairytale employer as many of us might be mistake to believe.

Disney has a whopping total of 195,000 employees all over the world and not everyone has had it good and there are many downsides to their jobs. Abuse and scandal have dogged it the world over and even a death of a boy.

Here are some of the most horrific abuses that they do their best to cover up.

Harvey Weinstein Used To Work For Disney


Harvey Weinstein has had a terrible fall from grace. Dozens of women have come out saying he either harassed them or down right assaulted them. These allegations date back to the the time including the time he worked for Disney.

Paris Disney Was So Bad That an Employee Tried To Kill Themselves In The Middle Of A Meeting


Paris Disney was so bad that two employees killed themselves and a third attempted to immolate himself during a meeting right in front of everyone however thankfully he was saved by timely intervention.

Disney Ignored Complaints By An Employee That Guests Were Feeding Alligators- As A Direct Result Of This a 2-Year-Old Boy Died


Back In the year 2016 Lane Graves was a two year toddler who drowned in Florida Disney when an alligator pulled him in and he drowned. According to staff the family had been feeding the reptiles for more than a year.

The staff has said that higher management consistently turned a deaf ear to their repeated complaints and warnings and this ended up leading to the tragic incident.

Staying In Character All Day Can Be Absolutely Brutal


Working for Disney automatically means that you have to live by a very and by that we mean very strict dress code, in addition you never take breaks while there any guests in sight. Many employees have complained that guests are often mean to them and some have even broken down and started crying after work due to the attitude of guests.

Career Advancement Is Not Really a Realistic Expectation


You do not have much in the way of upward mobility. Your pay is stuck and you end up doing the same thing for the rest of your life. That is unless you realize you are stuck in a hellhole of a workplace and decide to call it quits before it is too late and you are stuck for the long haul.

The Combination of Price Cuts And Staff Cuts Hasn’t Been Working Out So Well In Paris


In Disney Paris they decided they wanted to slash costs, lower prices and at the same time downsize. As can be expected safety, and working conditions have nosedived while the number of industrial accidents has been spiraling out of control.

Disgruntled Workers Have Actually Referred To Disney Parks As “Mousewitz”


You might say that this pushing the envelope a bit but workers have described working for Disney in the United States as one of the worst things they ever did in their entire lives. They said that the only thing management wants is more and more money to squeeze out and does not have a shred of respect for the workers who toil for the company year in year out.

So yes if you wanted to work for Disney thinking ti would so cool to spend most of your working lives in a theme park rather than having to pay an arm and a leg like everyone else please do reconsider your employment options.

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