The Types of Best Girlfriends Every Woman Has (and Loves!)

We wish a very Happy National Best Friend day to all of you out there. Women are not lone wolves and every great girl has her equally jaw droopingly awesome friends who accompany her like a shadow and help her become a better person every day.

Everyone knows how passionately women feel about their girls. In fact women would go to just about any length for their favorite girls and the bond only grows stronger and stronger with each passing year.

In order to honor the great bonds of friendship between women we have come up with some types of girlfriends women love, as with any list of this nature it can never be truly complete. So here is a rundown of some of them.

The Cheerleader bestie



Every woman loves to have a cheerleader in their life. She is an absolute gem of a person, through thick and thin rain and sunshine, success and failure come what may she will always be by your side and will cheer you on like nobody else will.

She boosts your ego and believes in you even when you are tempted not to believe in yourself even, in the face of repeated failure.

But she is also very attentive and will always comment and like your stuff on Facebook and Instagram and will always want to make the best of your moments together such as holidays, birthdays, promotions etc. She will be there like nobody else can.

The Bestie from Your Childhood Years



The two of you have known each other since as long as you can remember. The two of you share everything and even your deepest, darkest secrets are shared a comfort zone that you can never even imagine having with anyone else.

There is literally nothing you cannot and will not consult each other about no matter how private or sensitive it may be as you know the other person will never betray your trust

Your Rock


We all have our bad days. When you are down be it due to trouble at work, familoy issues or simply mood swings than we often need to talk to someone about it to just hear us out as that makes a huge difference in the way we feel.

This type of friend is a true friend indeed no matter what her own life would be full of she will never blow you off and will stand by you and hear you out no matter if it is late in the night or whatever the case may be you will always have her ear.

Even if you cannot articulate the way you feel she will understand you just fine and offer advice that will help you or at the very least give you some consolation.

Your College Buddies


College is an exciting time for all of us. You met this friend when you entered college and the two of you just hit it off. You two have been inseparable ever since and the two of you have always been together be it college parties where you made sure that cute guy approaching her does not roofie her or helping each other on tests.

This girl always had your back in college and as time goes on that bond only grows stronger and stronger as the two of us look back at your more youthful days of carefree living and endless revelry.

Ms. Always Down


She is always down for anything be it to party the night away, go shopping or just talk she is always there for you no matter what.

Your Bestie from Work


While nobody loves everyone they work with there is always that one person or two with whom you like to hang out after work they also understand your professional challenges better and thus can offer great support:

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