Things That Are Not As Cool As People Think They Are

This is clearly the age of being cool. Everyone and everything you will is/are trying to be hip and to be super cool. Some of those things which have been elevated to the pedestal of being super chic clearly are not all what they are cracked up to be though.

Take Jorts for instance just when you think there could be nothing worse you have Toms shoes. From the people who think buying an overpriced and frankly horrible Toyota Prius makes them super cool because they care about the environment to the deplorables who take pictures of their food and flood social media with them as if nobody has ever seen a hamburger before,

It extends to art and culture as well a lot brands and bands do not deserve the hype that they get and able to get with terrible movies and songs just due to the fact that they have managed to market themselves, they would be well advised to spend some of that cash to produce better stuff than to just beat around the bush promoting it.

Here is a list of some of most uncool things trending in the world today.

The Kardashians:

First off we have the most over hyped family in America. From Kim’s sex tape to her breaking the internet with her gigantic bottom the Kardashians certainly know how to put on a show and to get maximum publicity for their stunts and gimmicks.

They make my skin crawl there is absolutely nothing cool or special about them.

Duck Lips:



Sorry to break it to you ladies, but posing like a duck does not make you look cute, hot or in any way desirable. If we wanted to kiss a duck we would kiss a real one please ladies, we love you for who you are and honestly trying to look like a duck is a huge turn off.

Justin Bieber:


This is one is pretty clear not many people have produced to such horrible music and gained such commercial success as Justin Bieber. The Baby singer is so not cool.



Selfies are not all bad. We have all taken them and in moderation they are pretty cool, but please people stop carpet bombing your social media accounts with a million different pictures, standing at the same spot.

It is good to see your pictures but please go easy with the selfie stick will you.



Facebook has just lost the charm it once had. In fact the problem is serious and they are worried about people sharing less and less on the site and people have moved on to Snapchat and Instagram and for news to Twitter.

Facebook clearly is not all that great after all.



Sorry to break to the cool boys in High School who think that smoking and wearing those fancy jackets would help you with the women. Get a life people, smoking does not make you appear sexy or more attractive and will not help you with the ladies either.

If she deserves you then you will have her if not then no use destroying your own health and wasting your hard earned cash on a pack of overpriced smokes.  So yeah if you know what is good for you then you will stop smoking, it not only makes you look bad but ruins your health to.

Pants that are too low


Yes you got that right, it is not cool to look at you with your pants looking like they are about to fall off at any minute. Your pants are meant to hide some parts of your body not tease people by being the low hanging fruit of desire.

If you want to cover your body then your pants properly or not at all and let it bare for all to see.

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