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49 Uncool Popular Cultures Around the Globe

I hate no. 16

In today`s world it is quite easy to gain popularity, it takes only a few days in some causes even a few hours to become instantly popular. The generation of the current era likes to go after new trends and love to explore new things. They don’t have a proper definition of wrong or right, whatever they see trending they start following it. They make everything popular but this does not actually mean that all these things are cool as well.

There are some things which are quite popular throughout the world at the moment but it does not mean that these things are fun or right. Some of these things are just boring and senseless.

Some of the not so cool things are listed below:

1- Facebook

2- Pinterest

3- Twitter

4- Snap Chat

5- Kanye West

6- Miley Cyrus

7- Twilight

8- Nicki Minaj

9- Meme

10- Keep Calm And…pictures

11- One Direction

12- Reality Television shows

13- Jay-Z

14- Apple

15- Piercings

16- The Kardashian

17- Big Brother

18- Vampires

19- Werewolves

20- Transgender

21- One Night Stands

22- Duck Lips

23- IPhone

24- Lady Gaga

25- Hoodies

26- Game of Thrones

27- Tumbler

27- MTV

28- 50 Shades of Grey

29- The vampire Diaries

30- YOLO

31- MMA

32- Text Messages

33- Android

34- Status uploads

35- Photo editors

36- Witches

37- Harry potter

38- Wizards

39- Hash Tags

40- Drinking

41- Smoking

42- Dub smash

43- Rap music

44- Plastic surgery

45- Instagram

46- Tattoos

47- Weed smoking

48- Smart Phone

49- Zombies 

All the above stated things are indeed popular, but not cool. These uncool things will soon lose their charm and will become boring for their followers and hence they will ultimately become less popular.

What do you think?

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